I’m sitting outside enjoying the sunshine and drinking a cold glass of water from my Tervis Tumbler.  I discovered these tumblers on an annual trip to the United States a couple of years back.  Not knowing what they were really about I bought a gold fish one for $15 USD. Since that time I have grown my collection to three tumblers and one mug.  These have become my very favourite beverage holders. 


You can buy them with lids or without.  I bought my goldfish one at Meijers with a lid included and the others I have bought at a Tervis store in Frankenmuth and I chose the type and colour of the lid I wanted for these.  The lids are interchangeable if the tumblers are the same size.  I didn’t get a lid for my mug.  I’m not a huge fan of the lids as I tend to spill more on myself than I get into my mouth.  (There may be an art to using them).  I did buy one that fits only a straw and I like that one so much better.  The lids are handy if you are taking your cup with you in the car.


So you might be thinking why I would pay so much for one of these tumblers?  Besides being adorable with hundreds of designs, these cups are durable and they keep cold beverages cold and hot beverages hot.  I did a little experiment for you.  I just happen to have a fish glass, so I used that against my Tervis fish tumbler!  I put a giant ice cube in each glass with water and set them on the counter.  I checked after half an hour and there was condensation on the fish glass and the ice cube had melted substantially.

I checked again after an hour and the Tervis tumbler still had an ice cube.  The one in the fish glass had melted and there was a lot of condensation on the outside of the glass.

I have used insulated cups before, but they have not held up like the Tervis ones have.  I have dropped them, put them in the freezer, cleaned them in the dishwasher and they still look as good a new!  On their website you can even customize your tumbler.  Check out their website at www.tervis.com and see all of their awesome products. In Canada I’ve seen a good selection at Bed Bath and Beyond and their website also has an awesome selection. http://www.bedbathandbeyond.ca/store/s/tervis