I purchased this blush quite some time ago from Sephora for $46 CAD.  I was looking for a blue pink blush and this was suggested by the woman helping me.  I thought it was way too bright but was assured that it was much more sheer upon application and that it would adjust to my skin tone.  Colour changing blush?  I’ll give it a whirl!


The packaging is beautiful and it comes with a brush which I have never used.  The blush smells like roses, but it’s not overly strong or lasting.  I must say that I’m surprisingly happy with this blush, it is not the blue pink blush I was looking for because when I wear it the blush turns a peachy pink on me.  I’m assuming that there is some oxidization going on which is why it’s advertised as adjusting to your skin’s chemistry.  Below is a heavy handed swatch and the same swatch blended out.  
Pretty darned bright right?  It really is sheer and you would never apply this much to your face!  I would say that if you buy this blush, you are gambling on what colour it may turn up on you.  I just happen to like how it looks on me.  Make sure to buy at a store that will let you return it if you are not happy.