I had heard of these eyeshadows everywhere but when I took a look at their website, I knew I was buying!  Where do I begin?  I love a good duochrome shadow and they had several, popped those into my cart.  A nice beige matte colour, popped that one in too.  Some glittery ones, yup had to try them!  There is such a wide variety of finishes and colours it was so hard to choose.  Here is the easy part, each one is only $5 USD!


These are truly are lovely shadows.  They have a mousse type of consistancy and once applied they are like a powder.  I have a Channel shadow that is exactly the same.  You have to keep the cap on tight or they will dry out, I’ve had no problems with mine and I bought them in February.  Application is best with your finger as it seems brushes just thin out the colour.  Below are swatches of the six shadows I bought.

So Quiche, Partridge and Bae are my standout favourites (it may be because they are duochromes) and I’ve hit pan on Cop a Feel.  Even with exchange on my purchase and shipping costs, I feel like these shadows are worth it.  Oh and I forgot to mention that they are cruelty free-only tested on humans!

Here is a link to their website…good luck trying to restrain yourself!