My Birchbox has arrived!!!  Yes my excitement is real!  Birchbox is a monthly subscription that costs $14.95 CAD ($10 for the box and $4.95 for shipping).  Each month you receive a box with deluxe and sometimes full sized samples of beauty products.  You can rate the products on the website and collect points, those points when collected will eventually translate into dollars off products sold on their website.  Now on to the unboxing!

The pink and white shipping box protects a lovely decorative box that is different each month. 
Opening up the box you will find some cards, one tells you the price of the full size products that you can buy on their website.

I received a body wash and a sea salt spray.  Meh.  I’ll use the body wash for sure, but those sea salt sprays and my hair don’t like each other.

The peel looks interesting and I’ll be using it for sure!  A Pura Vida headband was included as a bonus item.  I’m a big fan of Pura Vida and their story.  You can check out their website here.

Every month in the box you will receive a little pillow pack.  Inside of mine I found a package of eye gels which I have tried before and will enjoy and a tiny eyeshadow quad.

My eyeshadow was broken, but the colours are great!  I used it already and was able to achieve a pretty look.  Also notice on the swatch picture…a Pura Vida bracelet, I told you I was a fan!

I really enjoy Birchbox.  Who doesn’t love getting a box full of surprises every month?  If you are interested in signing up you can use my link (I get points if you sign up using it) or you can just check out their website