Oily skinned gal here.  I had heard some buzz about the Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation by Rimmel London and that people with oily skin where liking it.  I picked one up at Walmart for $7.97 CAD.  It doesn’t come in a huge range of shades but it does have a pump!

I recently picked up a darker shade because my pale skin is getting a bit darker now that the nicer weather has arrived.  This foundation has worked wonderfully with my skin.  I apply it with a Beauty blender and it gives me medium coverage.  I have a little breakthrough oiliness around midday that I blot with a paper towel or Kleenex.  I don’t like to powder during the day as I have a tendency to get cakey when I do.  I also find that it is long lasting (I can’t vouch for the 25 hours) and has a good matte finish.

Both colours blend beautifully and even though the soft beige looks a little orangey on the underside of my arm, it is actually a very good match on my face.  So the verdict?  I really like this foundation!