A few months ago my eyeshadow blending brush started to feel like needles on my eyelids.  The bristles had started breaking and it was no longer soft.  I had a hard time finding a replacement that wasn’t going to cost a fortune.  I ran across the Still brand at Walmart.  It had an eyeshadow blender brush that suited my needs exactly and it only cost $2.97 CAD.  

It is a very soft brush and it works just how I want it to.  I went back to look at their other brushes and the display was always empty, so I figured others had discovered how good they were as well!  I was lucky the other day and found an eyeshadow brush, it was the same price.

Now the one thing that caught my eye initially was when I saw the name, it reminded me of the Stila logo.  So I did check it out and it looks pretty similar to me.  I’m not sure if this is intentional, but it certainly is not needed as these brushes are a stand out product.  They feel good in the hand, they do the job and the price is right!