I stumbled upon these nail polishes at Walmart the other day.  The mint coloured one drew me in and I ended up walking away with that one and two more colours that cost $3.98 CAD each.  When I got home I Googled them and found out that these polishes are a rerelease of the original polishes from 20 years ago.  Same bottle and little rubbery ring, they are part of the 20th Anniversary Collection.

The colours I chose looked beautiful in the bottle, each having some shimmer.  The white one Coconut has a pink shimmer, the green one Mint has a green shimmer and the beige one Claws Up has a white shimmer.  Did I say shimmer enough?

The polishes apply beautifully and each had full opacity in two coats.  Unfortunately the shimmer disappeared in Coconut and Mint.  I thought I was imagining this and went around the house to various types of lighting and even outside and the shimmer was gone.  Claws Up was the only one that retained the shimmer. I applied another coat with no luck.  I was disappointed but still felt they were beautiful.  I’m always searching for a good white polish and I didn’t have a mint green in my collection.  Of course I had to investigate why Coconut and Mint didn’t look the same applied as in the bottle and pulled out a clear nail wheel and tried again and found my answer…when I turned the nail wheel over I could see the shimmer.  So for some reason it sinks to the bottom when applied.

These really are beautiful polishes and with a fun little ring included you really can’t beat the price!  I’m sure that these will be around for a limited time so nail polish junkies best get themselves to Walmart for a Hard Candy fix!