I have a confession.  I have a smelly dishwasher.  My dishwasher must be around 20 years old, I clean it out regularly, but I think because of its age it just retains odours. I have tried everything on Google to freshen it up, but nothing works long term.  There is also the fact that I don’t run it everyday because I just don’t use enough dishes to do so.

I ran across this product at Dollarama and I snapped it up!  It was $2.50 CAD and for that price it was worth a try.  At home I opened the package and it had a citrus scent, I read the instructions and it said it would last for 60 washes or until the liquid disappears.  I was thinking it might last forever in my dishwasher.  I attached it to the top rack of my dishwasher.  Every time after that when I would put something into the dishwasher, a very pleasant smell wafted out.  I was sold!  I headed back to Dollarama to get another one and they were gone!  I had to have a back up, so I searched other stores with no luck.  Yesterday I found some!  OH HAPPY DAY!  

So if you are in need of an air freshener for your dishwasher, I think you’ll be impressed with this product!