I found this micellar water at Winners and since I had success with Bioderma and Marcelle, I didn’t hesitate and picked this one up for $5.99 CAD. The big difference with this product was that it smells fruity and it has a little bit of a yellow tinge to it.  When I applied it to a cotton pad, it had the same feel as Bioderma and Marcelle.  I started on my eye makeup first and my eyes began to sting, for some stupid reason, I just kept going until my eye makeup was removed.  I found it very difficult to remove.  I continued and removed my makeup on my face and it worked just fine.  I used a second pad to see about residual makeup and there was some, so I used the second pad to remove the rest, I’d say it performed the same as Marcelle. It also felt the same on my skin afterwards like Marcelle, which is not bothersome. I read the label AFTER I used the product and it said to avoid contact with eyes-OOPS!  It also said it was vegetarian and vegan friendly.  Because this product isn’t for use on the eyes, it just isn’t in the running with Bioderma and Marcelle…but it smells delicious!