After enjoying results using Bioderma I ran across a cleansing water in Winners made by Marcelle.  It was in the clearance section for $5 CAD.  I thought the price was fantastic, but I was hoping for good results as well.

This product has a lot of the same ingredients as Bioderma and when I put it on a cotton pad, it looked and felt the same.  I found that this product was also fantastic at removing mascara and long wearing eyeliner.  It removed my makeup with ease just as Bioderma did.  When I used a second cotton pad to see if there was any residual make up left, there was and I had to use the second pad up to get my face clean.  My face felt like there was product on it afterwards , but it wasn’t horrible.

I found another bigger bottle at Winners for $7.99 CAD and it has a pump.  I was curious about he fact that it was in Winners, so I looked it up and I think I understand that there is a repackaging/renaming of this product.  I actually love this product, I find it performs very much like Bioderma and for the price I’ve been able to get it, I think it’s a great deal.  I will be checking out Winners for more of this cleansing water…if you can’t find any, I might have beat you there and snapped up everything they have!

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