My daughter knows me well and gave me a $25 gift card to Sephora for Mother’s Day.  Yesterday I was on a mission for non smearing, stay all day eyeliner.  After testing all sorts of liners on the back of my hand, I used the store make up remover to see who the winner would be. Drum roll please…the one that was the hardest to get off was the Kat Von D Tattoo liner.  The associate told me that I need a good make up remover to get it off (I’ll review that at a later time).  I chose the Mad Max brown and it cost $23 CAD.  

It’s a marker style liner that you have to shake.  The inside of the lid there seems to be another spring loaded cap that pushes in and clicks closed.

I absolutely love wearing a modified wing liner.  I say modified because I have mature skin with oily lids.  Over the years I have learned where I have to place a liner so that it doesn’t creep down my wrinkles and under my eye, or end up smearing on my upper eyelids. Usually by the end of the day my liner will “travel” away from my lashes and look like I missed them entirely during application.  I must say I’m impressed with this liner!  Below shows how it held up after 12 hours of wear.  It’s in the same place and despite a smidge of patchiness it still looks pretty darned good.  It did not transfer or travel and there is nothing under my eyes but the usual wrinkles.

I found that it removed quite easily with my favourite make up remover,  so I would definitely recommend trying this liner!