Several years ago I received a foil sample of this dry oil in a magazine.  I used it after a shower, it absorbed into my skin instantly and had a very light floral scent that was amazing.  My skin felt so soft that I knew I had to buy some.  I was able to find 50ml bottle at Shoppers Drug Mart for $26 CAD.  I savoured every single drop, this amazing product is made with 6 precious plant oils and I found it wonderful for my skin and my hair.  When that bottle was done, I knew I needed another one.  I went back to Shoppers and the girl told me they wouldn’t be carrying it anymore, I panicked a bit, but she was able to find some bottles in a drawer.  When she scanned one, the price had been reduced and I bought everything she had!

I use this oil daily, it’s never greasy, it’s fantastic in my hair and it smells great.  When my stash runs out I will be buying more.  I have found a few other places that carry it along with other products made by Nuxe.