I must confess that I’m a lip balm junkie.  I’m always on the lookout for that hidden gem of a product.  I think I might have found it!  I ran across this lip balm at The Real Canadian Superstore and bought it for $6.99 CAD.  It was located in the organic and natural products aisle.  The first thing that caught my eye was the fact that it was made in Nova Scotia and both of my parents were born and raised there, so of course I had to buy.  I bought a hand cream for my mom as a gift and the lip balm for myself.

This balm comes in a push up tube, it smells sweet and earthy.  It’s made with all natural products and is 93% organic.  It feels a bit waxy on application and doesn’t really have much flavour to it, but I love it!  It’s long lasting and very smoothing.  I have also used it as a base before applying lipstick and it works great!  Because  it comes with a push up tube, I have to use the cap to push it back down again which is really not a big problem.  I also feel that this would be a lip balm that men would enjoy and wouldn’t mind carrying in their pocket.  Check out their website for a look at their other products.  Everything is made with sea kelp and they also have a partnership with The Nature Conservancy of Canada…so basically it’s a win win product.  You win by getting an awesome natural product and the environment wins as well!