My youngest daughter stopped in for a visit one day and her hair smelled amazing.  She was using some Lush products and recommended their shampoo bars to me.  This soon resulted in a “Lush Run” with both of my daughters a few days later.  My daughter had been using a cinnamon and clove shampoo bar,  but after smelling all of them, I was drawn to the Brazilliant one.  It smelled like sweet oranges!  I have very curly hair that I straighten the majority of the time and I also like to be blonde…but I’m really a brunette.  This bar claimed to tame unruly locks, it’s made with natural products and safe synthetics and of course it’s cruelty free.  It cost $9.95 CAD and I bought the tin to store it in as well for $3.95 CAD.

I must admit I was skeptical about using a bar shampoo, but was delighted because it lathered instantly and without effort.  I was also not fumbling with a shampoo bottle that I couldn’t read without my glasses on.  The website says it can last up to 80 uses.  That works out to .12 a wash!  My hair smelled great and it styled beautifully.  Most impressive though was the shine that it gave to my hair.  I’ll try some others in the future, but I already think that this one will be my favourite!