Several years ago I suddenly became allergic to traditional stick antiperspirants.  I broke out in a horrible rash and had to use diaper cream in my “pits” for an entire summer.  TMI ?  Every time I healed I tried another brand with no luck.  I then moved on to sprays with no problems.  I also began my search for more natural options.

I ran across GeoDeo Island at Walmart and it was only $3.99 CAD.  It offers 24 hour protection, natural ingredients and enzymes to fight odours.  It smells like a tropical paradise!  I thought I had hit the jackpot when I wore it and I didn’t break out.  Unfortunately those enzymes didn’t work very well on me and I was stinking pretty.  Back to the drawing board for me.  I would still recommend this product, for the price it is worth a try…and it sure does smell nice.