Have you ever ran across a product that was so awesome that you need to tell everyone about it?  This product would be it for me!  Although it’s a personal goal of mine to move towards using more natural products, I just can’t seem to leave this top coat behind.  Why?  Because it dries your nail polish in minutes and leaves behind  a great shine.  I often do my nails right before bed and with this top coat I can crawl right under the covers and have no smudging.  Fantastic right?

There is a downside though.  It smells like paint thinner and should be used in a well ventilated area, it contains toluene (there is some controversy over the dangers of using products containing this), you should not use it if you are pregnant and you can never finish a bottle before it gets thick and gloopy.  A thinning product is available that will help with the last problem.  I have even had it get so thick that the brush separates and becomes stuck in the product as shown below.

Nevertheless I still use this product weekly because I haven’t found anything that works better.  I always buy it at Winners and it’s usually priced at $6.99 CAD.  I often find it in the clearance section for $5.00 CAD as well.