A few weeks ago I wandered into a newly opened Rexall Pharmacy.  I perused the aisles and came across a product line I had never heard about before.  Ours by Cheryl Hickey.  I was particularly attracted to the Anything Balm and picked one up for $11.99 CAD.

This balm is filled with lots of natural ingredients like avocado oil, olive oil, coconut oil and vitamin E.  It’s also cruelty free.  The first thing I noticed was although the product was solid, it melted into your fingers when touching it.  I applied it to my cuticles first and I thought it was greasy, but was surprised to find that it absorbed quite quickly!  Well next thing you know I was applying it everywhere!  I also love the light lemony scent.  I think it would take a long time to use an entire tin because a little will go a long way.

So if you are looking for a balm that can do “anything” try this one out!  You can check out their website for information about their entire product line.